A few words from our Scholarship Winner

Alexandria Adams, our book scholarship winner from 2015 had some very nice things to say about our northern club!!  We wish her good luck with her Purdue career and beyond!!

Alex Collage_3

The Purdue Club of North/Northwest Chicago Suburbs was a great help to me as I was preparing to go to Purdue for my freshman year.  Similar to many incoming freshman, I was a little nervous about going to Purdue as I did not know what to expect.  The Purdue Club really helped put me at ease; I met alumni that really made me feel comfortable, I was also able to meet current and incoming students.  The alumni and current students were able to answer most of my “crazy” freshman questions, which helped give me confidence that I had made the right decision and would be successful at Purdue. Even though I had been on campus a couple of times prior to enrolling as a freshman, I felt much more comfortable when I arrived at Boiler Gold Rush based on the conversations and great interaction I had already had with alumni from the Purdue Club.  I met the alum and other students at the events that the club organized in my area, and I even won a book scholarship at a trivia night!  From a student prospective, the club is a great asset and I will join once I graduate from Purdue.  I definitely think enrolled freshman should take advantage of the Purdue Club, as it will only help make their transition to our great campus even easier!  Boiler up and hammer down!!!”